Sunday, May 29, 2011


The chickens are now 16 weeks old and we had a big surprise this week - eggs! The hatchery advised that the hens should be laying by week 22. In the photo above, the first eggs are on the right and left, with a store bought (free range) egg in the middle - large, grade A. We were so amazed and pleased with the early production.
Looks like an egg, right? The yolk is a very rich color and when cooked retains the orange coloring. Throughout the week, we've been consistently finding two eggs by noon. Because we had not yet finished the nesting boxes, the first eggs were laid on the floor of the coop and we were pleased to find them before they were stepped on. My husband quickly finished the nesting boxes, we ordered wooden eggs to place in them and we haven't found another egg on the floor since.

The chickens are rather large, and the rooster is being housed separately. He learned a crow a few weeks ago and now crows throughout the day, beginning at 4:40 am every morning. He's segregated due to being a bit rough on the hens. We've no interest in fertilized eggs, so he's getting a bachelor pad extension for the coop.
He is beautiful and seems happy enough living in the playpen until his quarters are complete.

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  1. Hey, you've got some happy looking 'ladies' there. Yeah, keep that 'amourous' male away!